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SMbv Messaging is an revolutionary serverless messaging and secure EMail combination solution.

Perfectly developed for your business that delivers uncompromising end-to-end protection and data sovereignty for the exchange of sensitive information, connected via Matrix!

Cyber Security is the cornerstone of your success

Keep ownership and control of our data

  • Choose where your data lives

  • No phone number required

  • No ads, no tracking or datamining

  • Talk to anyone

Who need controlled  and secure instant messaging?

For sovereign task

  • Authorities

  • Armed forces


For confidentiality and integrity of trasmitted data


For information security


An open network for secure, decentralized communication


Own your conversation

Secure messaging

Open Standard


Matrix is a decentralized network which means, much like the web, there is no central point of control or authority. A company can simply host its own server and participate in the Matrix network.

Decentralization is the foundation that gives companies more independence over their collaboration, data ownership, better privacy and security, a more robust and resilient communications infrastructure and huge scalability

Our Offer

Secure collaboration

We support you in the process of implementing your individual protected messager implementation.

Starting from the Matrix App to the development and implementation of their private Matrix communication server.

Up & running

SMbv Matrix can be deploy on-premise, or in a private cloud, for organisations that want to self host.

We offer support and pre-configured container service, virtual machines, or classic software application.

Legal compliance

Full implementation of the EU Digital Markets Act and the US ACCESS Act require that people and organizations be protected from being tied to a particular provider or service.

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"An incredibly easy way to use your existing eMail infrastructure as an underlay path to create an encrypted and attack-resilient communications network"

Teemu T. Schaabl

Security Engineering & Consulting

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Bring together state of the art Messanger together with classified E-Mail Solution and security related classification processes with scientifically proven unbreakable encryption.